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How Much Protein Can Patients with IgA Kidney Disease Eat

2013-11-05 14:40| Font Size A A A

How Much Protein Can Patients with IgA Kidney Disease EatPatients with IgA kidney disease should adhere to a proper diet, especially the protein intake. High-protein will cause damage to kidney. So how much protein can patients with IgA kidney disease eat?

Why should you follow a low-protein diet?

Protein is the necessary substance to our body. But for patients with IgA kidney disease, too much protein is not advised. Protein in urine is an obvious symptom of IgA, overmuch protein intake will increase protein in urine and cause more kidney damage. Besides, protein will break down into some waste product, like urea nitrogen, which should be filtered out by kidney. IgA is marked by glomerular damage and the glomerular loses its ability to filter the waste products. With the accumulation of the waste product, kidney function will drop gradually. So patients with IgA kidney disease should follow a low-protein diet.

How much protein can they eat?

The intake of protein should depend on the different conditions. For patients with moderate kidney damage, the daily intake of protein should be kept in 0.75g per kilogram of every body weight. However, for patients with severe kidney damage, 0.6g per kilogram of every body weight is suggested. If you are on dialysis, your doctor may suggest you to increase protein intake properly because some protein will leak out through dialysis. For the exact amount of protein that you should eat, you should consult with your doctor or the online doctor, he will arrange you a proper protein intake.

You are also suggested to eat high-quality protein to reduce the waste production and the proteinuria. High-quality protein includes eggs, dietary product, lean meat. Vegetable protein is not recommended.

Patients with IgA kidney disease should well manage the protein intake to reduce the damage of kidney. You can send email to for more information about the diet for patients with kidney disease.

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