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Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Scorpion Pepper

2015-10-12 15:02| Font Size A A A

Can IgA Nephropathy Patients Eat Scorpion Pepper When diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, most patients are concern more about daily diet. Indeed, diet plays an important role in protecting residual renal function and slowing down progression of illness condition. Well then, can IgA nephropathy patients eat scorpion pepper?

Nutrients in scorpion pepper

Scorpion pepper, also known as Trinddad Morgua Scorpion peppers, contain about as much capsaicin-the chemical compound in peppers that makes them burn by activating heat receptors in human nerve endings. Actually, it is regarded as the most spicy pepper in the world.

In addition, it also contains a large amount of sodium, which should draw patient’s highly attention.

Can patients with kidney damage eat the pepper?

Actually, IgA nephropathy patients had better keep away from scorpion pepper because of symptoms and complications of the disease itself. Geneally speaking, IgA Nephropathy patients should not eat any tonic food and hot food, such as chili, litchi, chocolate, etc. However, if you love eating pepper, you can look for alternative to replace thescorpion pepper. If you’d like to get an individualized diet plan, you can email to us at renal-disease@hotmail.com or leave a message below directly.

Well then, what kind of pepper can IgA nephropathy patients eat?

To be frank, bell pepper is good choice. Why? Used as a natural antioxidants, bell pepper can help eliminate free radicals and inflammations of our body because bell peppers especially red ones contain almost 30 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. Eating a right amount of bell pepper also can strengthen immune system. Besides, bell peppers also contain low-potassium level, which is good for patients with high potassium level.


As a matter as fact, the patients do not have strict diet restriction on fruits and vegetables. What they should pay attention is the content of potassium and phosphorus if their blood potassium level or phosphorus level is higher than the normal level. Besides, vegetables and fruits high in oxalic acid should also be avoided as well, because the kidneys can not remove them from the blood and they easily form into kidney stone, worsening your disease.

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