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IgA Nephropathy Diet Restrictions

2014-07-16 00:08| Font Size A A A

IgA Nephropathy Diet Restrictions  Patients with IgA Nephropathy should not only focus on medical treatment, but also pay more attention to their daily diet. Because daily diet is just like double-edged sword. It can help you get rid of discomforts if you have a reasonable diet habit. On the contrary, it also can worsen the illness condition if you have bad eating. Here we will tell you something about diet restrictions of this kind of kidney disease.

There are several tips that you should remember so as to control the progression of the illness condition.

1. Control protein intake

Proteinuria is a common symptom of IgA Nephropathy. As we all know, protein is the necessary nutrition for our body health and energy. However, for patients, too much intake of protein will aggravate proteinuria and increase kidney’s burden, leading to further kidney damage. Nevertheless, high quality protein is good for them, because high quality protein products few wastes and contain essential amino acid.

2. More vitamins

Due to damaged kidney, patients’ immune system will be in low status. And taking more vitamins is good for kidneys and contributes to enhancing immunity so as to fight against other diseases and infections. They should eat more vegetables and fruits which contain large quantities of vitamins.

3. Limit intake of salt

High blood pressure is the most common symptom in IgA Nephropathy as well as swelling. Much intake of salt can make blood pressure elevate. Moreover, large quantities of salt can make swelling worse. Therefore, they should have a low salt diet.

4. Water intake

Our kidney can regulate water in our body. Swelling is mainly caused by water retention. If edema occurs obviously on patients, they should limit intake of water.

5. Limit intake of fat

Too much fat can increase the risk of blood viscosity or thrombus. In such condition, blood circulation can be affected and kidney also get damage.

The five recommendations are important to stop or delay the progression of the illness condition for IgA Nephropathy patients. These are general requirements for kidney disease patients,. Wanna an individualized advice? Please talk with our online dietitian or email to and we will try our best to help you.

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