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Diet and Fitness of IgA Nephropathy

2013-08-23 17:59| Font Size A A A

Diet and Fitness of IgA NephropathyDiet and fitness are necessary for the treatment of IgA Nephropathy, they can prevent the disorder from developing into Kidney Failure. In general, there is no such a suitable plan for all the IgA Nephropathy patients, but there are still some recommended methods.

Low-salt diet

For patients with this disorder, damaged kidneys fail to excrete extra sodium from what we eat. Consequently, high sodium level occurs, which may cause high blood pressure and swelling.

Avoid high-potassium foods

Kidneys can maintain the balance of electrolyte. When there is renal insufficiency, extra potassiums can not be excreted from the body. In serious condition, it may cause arrhythmia, hyperkalemia or even death.

Ingest high-quality protein foods

IgA Nephropathy patients should limit the intake of protein appropriately and ingest high quality protein foods, such as, lean meat, egg, fish, milk and so on.

In addition, patients with high blood uric acids should avoid eating the internal organs of animals, mushrooms, legumes and spinach.

Positive attitude

In daily life, patients of this disease should keep a positive attitude. As a good mood is significant for your recovery. Don't be afraid and have confidence in yourself.

Active prevention of inflammatory diseases

Pay much attention to the inducing factors of inflammatory diseases, such as upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, skin infection, etc. Once there is infection, you should take treatments as soon as possible.

Balance between work and rest

Overstrain and strenuous exercises can always aggravate the illness condition. So it is necessary to have enough rest and proper exercises in daily life.

The above are the introductions about diet and fitness IgA Nephropathy. If you still have any other questions and want to know more specific suggestions, you can email us:

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