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Is Green Tea Good for IgA Nephropathy

2014-05-10 01:34| Font Size A A A

Is Green Tea Good for IgA Nephropathy Green tea can benefit healthy people in many ways, while is the same with IgA Nephropathy patients?

Green tea helps to improve following conditions:

Elevated plasma viscosity

IgA nephropathy patients may have a risk of elevated plasma viscosity, which can slow blood flow and increase the risk of thrombus. However, some bioactivators, like tea polysaccharide can help patients improve this condition.


The cause of IgA nephropathy is the inflammation caused by immune complex deposit. Tea polyphenol is a constituent of this drink, which can help to reduce the inflammation in kidney, so it can delay the progression of the disease to some degree.

Low immunity

Patients with low immunity are susceptible to some infections. Vitamins and other nutrients in this beverage can help patients boost their immunity to fight against these infections.

High blood fat level

High blood fat level is a characteristic symptom of IgA nephropathy. This beverage extract can stimulate fat metabolism so as to lower fat content in blood.

Acidic blood

Patients’ blood is usually acidic, while this beverage is alkaline. Thus, it can help patient adjust acid-base balance in blood.

However, this drink is not suitable for the following conditions:


Tannic acid in this drink can associate with iron and make it difficult to absorb. However, iron is an important element of red blood cell, so this drink can aggravate anemia.

High blood pressure

Some substances in this drink can speed up heart beat, which is very dangerous for high blood pressure. Therefore, patients with this symptom should stay away from green tea.

High potassium level

This beverage is rich in potassium, which plays an important role in our bodies. And abnormal level of this element is very dangerous, so patients with high potassium level should limit tea consumption.

IgA nephropathy patients can refer to the above contents to adjust the consumption of green tea. For detailed information, please leave us a message below.

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