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IgA Nephropathy: Can It Develop into Kidney Failure with High Potassium Level

2013-12-24 18:30| Font Size A A A

IgA nephropathy refers to such condition that the immune complex deposit on glomerulus. Some patients with IgA nephropathy are companied with high potassium level. Can it develop into kidney failure with high potassium level?

Why there will be high potassium level?

With the deposition of the immune complex on glomerulus, the kidney tissue will be damaged. So the normal kidney function will be affected. Kidneys play an important role in keeping water and electrolyte in balance. If the glomerulus are damaged, the GFR will be lowered. So extra potassium cannot be discharged completely. The accumulation of the potassium in blood will cause high potassium level.

What will happen with high potassium level?

If the potassium level is elevated to a certain level, it will cause serious damage to the health of the body. When it is higher than 5.5mmol, patients will suffer from slow heart beat and arrhythmia. When the potassium level goes up to 6.5mmol/l, dialysis is needed immediately.

Can IgA nephropathy develop into kidney failure with high potassium level?

The deposition of the immune complex on glomerulus will cause inflammation. With the enlargement of the inflammation area, the glomerular filtration rate will gradually declines, so as to kidney function. When the glomerular filtration rate drops to below 15ml/min, the disease will go into kidney failure. Uncontrolled high potassium level will increase the pace to kidney failure. So it is important to well control the potassium level and prevent kidney failure.

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