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What does a GFR 48 Mean in IgA Nephropathy

2014-05-16 18:22| Font Size A A A

What does a GFR 48 Mean in IgA NephropathyGFR is an overall index of kidney function, which is related to age, sex, and body size. Well, what does it mean, if patients’ GER reduce to 48?

What does GFR 48 mean?

GFR 48 means kidneys suffer moderate damage and kidney diseases approximately develop into CKD stage 3. It is the start of kidney fibrosis. Due to kidney function decline, waste products build up in blood, so patients are more likely to develop some complications, such as high blood pressure, anemia and early bone disease.

In this stage, IgA Nephropathy patients should take timely treatment and some management in their daily life, since well control their diseases not only can delay the progression of their diseases, but also make a significant chance of reversing their diseases.

How to improve GRF 48?

Dietary therapy:

1. Reduce salt intake. Too much salt can aggravate swelling and hypertension.

2. Limit protein intake. Too much protein consumption can put strain on kidney, while shortage of it can cause other health problems. Therefore, patients should limit it in a reasonable amount.

3. Take more fruits and vegetables as vitamins and minerals supply, and suffers should be cautious of potassium in them.

4. Take right amount of water and be sure that it will not aggravate swelling nor cause dehydration.


Immunotherapy can help patients restore kidney damage and improve kidney function through the following steps:

1. Exact diagnosis

2. Blocking immune reaction

3. Immune tolerance

4. Immune adjustment

5. Immune clearance

6. Immune protection

Through the treatment, the immune system gets rebuilt and immune complexes can be cleaned. Therefore, kidney function can be largely improved.

We sincerely hope this information can help IgA nephropathy patients elevate GFR 48, if you want for information to improve this condition, you can email us

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