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Why are IgA Nephropathy Patients Susceptible to Infections

2014-05-04 23:16| Font Size A A A

Why are IgA Nephropathy Patients Susceptible to InfectionsIgA Nephropathy patients are susceptible to various infections. What causes this condition? What should they do to prevent this from happening?

Why are IgA nephropathy patients susceptible to infections?

This condition can be caused by the following factors:

Immune disorders

In IgA nephropathy, the abnormal immune system fails to protect patients from infective agents, so patients will become the easy prey of some infections.

Lack of protein

IgA nephropathy patients leak protein in urine. What’s more, they are limited on protein intake. Therefore, there can be shortage of protein, which is the component of antibody. When patients lack in protein, the production of antibody will reduce. However, antibody is the guard of our body. In this condition, patients will be attacked by many infections.

Immunosuppressive agents

Sometimes, to alleviate the symptoms and suppress the inflammatory reactions, doctors may prescribe immunosuppressive agents for suffers. However, long-term usage of these drugs may lower patients’ immunity to some extent, which can be a vicious circle.

What should IgA nephropathy patients do to prevent this from happening?

1. Immunotherapy can help patients to rebuild the immune system and it not only suppresses the overactive immunoreactions but also enhances patients’ immunity to ward off diseases. If you want more information, email us at

2. Patients can take foods contain vitamin C, which can enhance patients’ immunity. Some vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots and tomato are rich in these nutrients, so patients can add them into their diet.

3. In flu season, patients can take injection of immune globulin to increase the antibody, so that they can stay away from some diseases.

4. Doing more exercise also helps to boost the immunity.

Having a regular life and getting rid of some bad habits also benefit IgA nephropathy patients a lot for improving their immunity. If patients can do well in these aspects, they can better ward off these infections.

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