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How to Prevent Heart Disease in Hypertensive Nephropathy

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How to Prevent Heart Disease in Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive Nephropathy patients are vulnerable to heart disease, which decreases their quality of life and aggravates their conditions. Thus, it’s necessary for hypertensive nephropathy patients to make better prevention for heart disease.

The prevention work can be done from three aspects: control blood pressure, live healthy life and restore kidney function.

Control blood pressure

Patients should control the blood pressure at a reasonable level, neither too high nor too low. The recommended level is 130/80mm Hg. Take blood pressure medication strictly as doctors’ instruction. Some patients would stop taking medicine as their blood pressures drop to a normal level. This can cause fluctuation of blood pressure, which affects the heart negatively.

In addition to medication, proper exercises and diet also can ward off heart disease. Some exercises can enhance cardiac function and lower blood pressure, like walking, jogging and Tai Chi.

Patients should avoid foods high in salt. Too much salt intake will elevate patients’ blood pressure. Eating too much food rich in calories and fat also has a bad influence on heart.

Live a healthy life

Changes on lifestyle are essential for patients to prevent heart disease.

◆ Patients should live a regular life and quit drinking and smoking.

◆ If patients have great psychological stress, it also can affect their heart negatively.

◆Study shows that obese people have a higher risk of heart disease than normal people, so patients should keep an eye on their body weight.

Restore kidney function

Kidney participates in blood pressure regulation. When kidneys are damaged, they will fail to do this job normally. High blood pressure can be a significant inducing factor of heart disease. In this regard, restoring kidney function can prevent it.

Blood pollution therapy is effective to restore kidney lesion. It can be done in three steps: purify the blood, supplement nutrients to blood system and restore the kidney function. The first two steps are to give the kidney a good environment to recover, and in the third step, kidney get to recover with the oxygen and nutrients brought by the blood system.

All in all, heart disease is close related to mortality of hypertensive nephropathy patients, so patients should keep a close eye on prevention for heart disease. Any doubts, feel free to contact us

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