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Natural Remedy for Hypertensive Nephropathy with Creatinine 5.6

2014-03-28 01:00| Font Size A A A

Natural Remedy for Hypertensive Nephropathy with Creatinine 5.6“My father is suffering from Hypertensive Nephropathy and Creatinine 5.6, please tell me how to manage it. Thanks!” This is a latest message on our website. If you or your relatives are experiencing similar cases, I think this article is really worth reading.

It is known that hypertensive nephropathy is a result of years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. In the early stage, it can be asymptomatic. However, as the disease progresses, a range of symptoms will come into being. As for creatinine 5.6, it is much higher than the normal value. If poorly controlled, it may increase to a higher level. What’ worse, other parts of the body can be influenced, for instance, eye, heart and brain.

Mostly, dialysis is used to lower creatinine 5.6. However, the therapeutic effects are limited and there are always some side effects. What’ worse, it can do nothing to repair the injured kidney structures. For these reasons, we do not recommend you to undergo this alternative therapy.

Luckily, experts in this field have brought you with good news and a set of TCM therapies have been created. Here, we will introduce Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy.

The former therapy is innovated on the basis of traditional Chinese herbs. With the action of osmosis devices, the micronized herbs can get into kidney lesion via skin directly. By expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, blocking coagulation as well as providing nutrients for the kidneys, the intrinsic renal cells can be reactivated and renal function enhanced. If this target is attained, creatinine 5.6 can be well controlled.

The latter treatment is to process medicines that invigorate blood and dissolve stasis, make oral capsules or medicinal soup, and take medicines orally to detoxicate phlegm stasis. If want to learn more about this, do not forget our Live Doctor is always here to help.

Creatinine 5.6 in Hypertensive Nephropathy indicates a serve condition and it should be treated early. Anything follow-up questions, please leave us a message below.

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