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Treatments for Hypertensive Kidney Disease

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Treatments for Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseWhat are the treatments for Hypertensive Kidney Disease? Advanced technology promote the occurrence of various treatments for different diseases. Faced with all kinds of treatments, many sufferers always feel helpless. Actually, the treatments are always determined by the symptoms that patients present.

1. Early lighter symptoms: patients with early hypertension and normal urine routine can take non-drug therapy: keep a good mood, lose weight, limit the intake of salt, limit alcohol, qigong and Taichiand other proper physical exercises, etc.

2. Patients without obvious symptoms can take antihypertensive drugs: diuretics, beta-blockers, calcium antagonists, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor(ACEI). Calcium antagonists and ACEI are beneficial to the hemodynamics of kidneys. ACEI drugs are usually the first choice because it is effective at controlling hypertension at normal level or approximate normal level (130/80 mm Hg), so as to prevent, stabilize and slow renal damage.

3. Patients accompanied with complications: hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hyperuricemia patients should receive corresponding treatment. Drugs like persantine, aspirin can prevent renal arteriolar sclerosis.

4. Dialysis and kidney transplant: When hypertensive kidney disease develops into kidney failure, dialysis and kidney transplant can be took to help the patients to prolong their life.

Our specialized therapy:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: it is very popular in China, which can help to promote blood circulation and increase blood flow to the kidneys.

Immunotherapy: a systemic treatment. It can filter the toxins in the blood and help to rebuild the damaged immune system.

Medicated Bath: a herbal remedy. The ingredients of herbs will dip into your body. This treatment can effect in lowering blood pressure and improving kidney functions.

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