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Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Effective with ESRD

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Is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Effective with ESRD
I have Hypertensive Nephropathy. I want to know more about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and whether it is effective with end stage renal failure?

Answer: Hypertensive Nephropathy is kidney disease caused by years of uncontrolled high blood pressure. How is your blood pressure now? Is it well controlled?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help lower high blood pressure and protect residual renal function.

High blood pressure does not cause damage to kidneys, but also to your heart. In severe cases, it can threaten your life. Therefore, it is called “silent killer”. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can dilate blood vessels to lower high blood pressure and stabilize it so as to protect residual renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help ESRD patients increase urine output.

As dialysis goes, your renal function will decrease, and urine output will become less and less. In the end, you may have no urine at all. The less your urine, the less water you can drink, and the lower your living quality. You can imagine how terrible it is when you feel thirst, but you can not drink water. This treatment can stimulate the acupoints and channels around kidneys so as to help you produce more urine than before.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can help ESRD patients reduce dialysis frequency.

Besides the above function, this treatment can relieve renal inflammation to control the disease from getting worse. It can also degrade extracellular matrix to stop kidney fibrosis. If it is used together with Toxin-Removing Treatment, it can have a thorough cleanse of the blood. In such a good blood environment, the damaged kidneys will heal themselves.

-After about one week’s treatment, edema will vanish. And floccules will appear in urine.

-After about half month’s treatment, your high creatinine, BUN and uric acid level will decrease. And you will feel energetic.

-After about one month’s treatment, your disease will be under control, and renal function will get improved.

As treatment going on, you can reduce dialysis or even get rid of it.

Now you know that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is effective with ESRD, but it is not available all over the world. And to achieve a satisfying effect, it is better to combine it with other therapies. For more information on our hospital and our treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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