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The Treatment of Hypertensive Renal Disease

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Kidney is an organ composed by capillaries. The function of kidney is to filter waste product and toxins in blood and at the same time protect the protein and blood cells from leaking out. However, high blood pressure makes the endovascular blood pressure increased thus protein is leaked out, which damages the kidney filter system and a vicious cycle is formed. So the Treatment of Hypertensive Renal Disease is of great importance.

Hypertensive renal disease is featuring as swelling, a large amount of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia and hyperlipidaemia. People who are above 40-50 years old and get hypertension for more than 5-10 years is more prone to hypertensive renal disease. At early stage, the only symptom is the increased urination at night and the the proteinuria.

The treatment of hypertensive renal disease

You can be given non-drug treatment with early and mild hypertension and normal routine urine test. Keeping a good mood, weight lose, salt and alcohol restriction and proper exercise can help you relieve the illness.

Some anti-hypertension drugs are available such as diuretic, β-receptor blocker, calcium antagonists and ACEI.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy: micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy has several functions that are effective to hypertensive blood pressure.

Dilating blood vessel: high blood pressure stimulates the microvessels of glomerular to cause hypoxic-ischemic. The aim of dilating blood vessel is to improve the blood circulation thus to relieve the state of hypoxic-ischemic.

Anti-inflammation: this process can decrease the infiltration of inflammatory cells and block the progression of kidney fibrosis and protect renal inherent cells.

Anti-coagulation: anti-coagulation can reduce the micro thrombus formation in glomerular capillaries and lay a foundation to the recovery of endothelial cells.

Degrading extracellular matrix:only by degrading extracellular matrix and discharging it out of our body can the kidney lesions be repaired.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy can perfectly repair the impaired renal inherent cells thus fundamentally repair kidney damage caused by hypertension. You should pay attention to the treatment of hypertensive renal disease and do it in a proper way!

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