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How to Ease Limbs Numbness in Hypertensive Nephropathy

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How to Ease Limbs Numbness in Hypertensive NephropathyLimbs numbness often attacks Hypertensive Nephropathy patients. This article introduces some both simple and effective ways to ease this symptom.

There are some causes of this condition:

1. Anemia

Most of hypertensive nephropathy patients have anemia, so sometimes their arms and legs may not get enough oxygen, especially when they keep a posture for a long time.

2. Peripheral neuritis

Due to damage to the kidneys, many useful substances may leak into urine. And deficiency of trace elements can lead to peripheral neuritis.

3. Blood pressure fluctuation

When the blood pressure fluctuates, the small arteries will get narrow, so there is not enough blood supplied to hands and feet. Limbs numbness occurs.

4. Hyperlipidemia

It can increase blood viscosity and then lower blood circulation. When there is not enough blood going through limbs, hypertensive nephropathy patients will have numb feeling.

The followings are methods to help improve this condition.

★Medicated bath

This therapy is based on TCM, and it can greatly alleviate limbs numbness through the following ways:

1. Replenish nutrients to patients.

2. Improve kidney function.

3. Stimulate blood circulation.

4. Enhance patients’ immunity.

5. Regulate blood pressure and blood fat.

6. Excrete the toxins.

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★ Foods

1. For patients with anemia, they can eat some foods rich in iron, vitamin C and folic acid. They can add longan, Chinese date and green leafy vegetables into their diet.

2. If patients have hyperlipidemia, they can eat some maybushes, and drink some semen cassiae tea, which can help patients reduce blood fat level.

3. What’s more, bitter gourd, celery and chamomile help lower blood pressure.

★Other tips

1. Patients should control their body weight in a reasonable range, which is good for controlling blood pressure and blood fat.

2. Outdoor exercises can strengthen patients’ body and stimulate blood circulation, so hypertensive nephropathy patients should do exercises regularly.

3. Keep warm, as cold exposure can aggravate numbness.

If you are annoyed by this symptom, you can try the above advice. After a period of time, you can easy limbs numbness.

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