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Natural Ways to Improve the Prognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Natural Ways to Improve the Prognosis of Hypertensive NephropathyPrognosis of Hypertensive Nephropathy is affected by many factors. And natural ways below can help those patients improve their prognosis a lot.

Symptoms that indicate poor prognosis:

There are some symptoms indicate poor prognosis:

1. Severe edema

2. Heavy proteinuria

3. Uncontrolled high blood pressure

4. Hypoproteinemia

If these symptoms get alleviated, patients’ prognosis will be better. The following natural ways may help them in this regard.

Regular moderate exercises

Exercises can help patients lower their blood pressure and make their heart stronger. Examples include walking, jogging, Tai Chi and bicycling.

However, patients should take exercises regularly, at least 5 days a week.

Reasonable diet

1. Reduce the salt intake and avoid the foods, such as processed food and salted foods. This not only is helpful to lower blood pressure but also alleviate edema.

2. Eat limited amount of high quality protein and avoid vegetable protein, which helps to ease the burden of kidney.

3. Eating some foods helps to lower the blood pressure, like celery, black fungus, broccoli and kiwifruit.

4. If hypertensive nephropathy patients have hyperkalemia or hyperphosphatemia, they should pay attention to foods high in these elements.

Exercises and diet have a great effect on patients’ condition, so if you want to get a personalized plan of them, you can fill out the table below.

Healthy habits

1. Quit smoking and drinking.

2. Avoid stay up late or overwork.

3. Keep a regular life.

4. Keep a positive attitude, study shows that it has a positive effect on patients’ immunity.

5. Avoid superexcitation or strenuous exercises, as they can make blood pressure go higher. In this case, some serious conditions, like heart disease or stroke may occur.

 Regular blood pressure test

1. Take the blood pressure in a regular time.

2. Have a rest before test.

3. Keep the record as detailed as possible.

This record will be very helpful for your doctor to better know your condition.

If hypertensive nephropathy patients can take positive treatment and properly use these ways, we believe they can greatly improve their condition. Good luck!

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