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How to Lower Creatinine 2.8 in Hypertensive Nephropathy

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How to Lower Creatinine 2.8 in Hypertensive NephropathyFor Hypertensive Nephropathy, if their creatinine reach 2.8, it is crucial for them to take immediate measures to lower it. There are some helpful methods for them.

What does creatinine 2.8 mean?

Normally, the creatinine can be kept at a normal range by our kidneys. However, when more than 50% kidney function is lost, the creatinine level will go up. And creatinine 2.8 is higher than the reasonable value (0.5-1.1mg/dl for women and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for men). And this value indicates moderate decline in GFR and stage 3 kidney disease. If left uncontrolled or poorly controlled, it will continue to increase. And the risk of undergoing dialysis will be elevated. Thereby, it is necessary to take timely treatments.

Reduce intake of foods high in creatine.

Patients should eat less food rich in creatine, since creatinine is a by-product of it. The following foods should be avoided:

Foods                                                                     Creatinine content (g/kg)
Fish Herring 6.5-10
  Salmon 4.5
  Tuna 4
Meat Pork 5
  Beef 4.5

Take some foods to help lower creatinine 2.8.

a. Cucumber is helpful to ease this symptom. Some substances in cucumber have the dehydrating effect, and they can stimulate the kidney to excrete more wastes.

b. Grape is a natural diuretic. Detoxifying effect of grapes improves the kidney’s filtrating function to remove toxins. However, grape is loaded with potassium. If there is high potassium level, grape is not a good choice for them.

c. Drinking more water can help patients excrete metabolic wastes, and it also can avoid dehydration, which can aggravate this condition.

Treatment for reduce creatinine 2.8

Blood Pollution Therapy is an effective therapy to this condition for hypertensive nephropathy patients.

1. Clear the blood

Various blood purification methods are applied to clear the toxins in blood. In this process, the creatinine level will decrease accordingly.

2. Supply nutrients to blood

Add some nutrients to the blood to resume the blood system.

3. Restore kidney lesion

When blood system gets normal, it can supply nutrients and oxygen to kidney. Therefore, the kidney can get recovery, so it can better eliminate toxins.

If you are interested in this therapy, you can leave a message for us. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Controlling the creatinine level at a reasonable range can delay the progression of hypertensive nephropathy. Patients with creatinine 2.8 can greatly improve their condition, if they can follow the above advice.

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