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Hypertensive Kidney Disease and Leg Swelling

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Hypertensive Kidney Disease and Leg SwellingAccording to the survey, people in their 40s-50s and have a history of high blood pressure for more than 5 years are more likely to develop into hypertensive kidney disease. As the disorder progresses, a set of symptoms including leg swelling will occur.

How does leg swelling occur in hypertensive nephropathy?

In right condition, kidneys can help remove metabolic products and extra fluid out of the body and maintain fluid balance. However, long-term uncontrolled hypertension will cause reduction in renal blood flow and rapid decline of kidney function. As a consequence, extra fluid will build up in the body, resulting in edema. Therefore, leg swelling can be firstly seen due to gravity. In addition to this, other other parts of the body can be affected, such as, face, hand, ankle or the pulmonary.

How to eliminate leg swelling in hypertensive nephropathy?

As fluid-sodium retention will put extra strain on the kidneys and lead to some complications, effective treatments should be taken early. See contents below to get more tips.

● As for medicines, diuretics are commonly prescribed by the doctors to discharge extra fluid and sodium. Remember the dosage should be based on the individual’s condition.

● Limit the daily sodium intake strictly. It has been proven that excess intake of salt will worsen leg swelling and high blood pressure. Generally speaking, the intake of salt should be no more than 2 g per day.

● Control the fluid intake. People with leg swelling are suggested to control the fluid intake within 1000ml-2000ml.

● Improve kidney function. To eliminate leg swelling radically, it is of great importance to promote renal function. And the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy created by experienced nephrologists from our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital can be such a reliable choice.

If you are suffering from hypertensive nephropathy and leg swelling, do remember that we are always here to help. Any questions, you can contact us by emailing or click the Free Online Doctor. Thanks for your time!

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