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4 Complications of High Blood Pressure

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4 Complications of High Blood Pressure
The complications of high blood pressure are terrible. And some of them often come together. Without timely treatment, they may threaten your life. When you have the following signs and complications, please attach importance and take treatment timely.

Headache, vertigo - alert for stroke

Some people with high blood pressure may have headaches if their blood pressure is unstable, but if headache or severe pain presents suddenly, be alert for brain disorder. High blood pressure will lead to poor blood circulation in the brain, resulting in ischemia and hypoxia. If this stable lasts for a long time, it will damage the function of nervous system, leading to stroke. In severe case, it will cause blood vessel hemorrhaging, which will form bleeding gout. At this time, you can also have vertigo, tinnitus, etc.

Chest tightness, chest pain - beware of heart disease

High blood pressure is also an important cause of heart disease. Multiple heart diseases include ventricular hypertrophy, angina, myocardial infarction, and heart failure. Heart problems can be serious, because the cardiovascular system is connected to the whole body. Once the vascular blockage, rupture and other conditions occur, they can result in heart ischemia and hypoxia, which can cause chest tightness and chest pain. In severe case, they may even cause shock. Hypertensive patient must not undeserved. After taking medicine, these symptoms will get eased, but it also requires you to seek medical advice immediately.

Blurred vision - beware of fundus lesions

There are many small blood vessels around the eyes. High blood pressure also affects the blood flow around the eyes, resulting in the pathological changes of small retinal arteries. Severe retinal arteriosclerosis will lead to decreased vision and blurred vision.

Increased nocturnal urination - a warning of kidney failure

Long-term hypertension can lead to water, sodium and electrolyte disorders in the body, while the kidney is a metabolic organ, so the disorder will increase the burden on the kidney. In addition, poor blood flow in the kidney can also lead to damage to renal cells and tissues, and kidney filtration problems can lead to decreased function of the glomeruli and renal tubules. Urine is a product of renal metabolism, and the reduction of renal tubule reabsorption will lead to increased nocturnal urine.

If these warning signs appear, you should go to see the doctors in time. For more information on high blood pressure associated treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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