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Cardiovascular Disease Caused by Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Cardiovascular Disease Caused by Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive Nephropathy patients are susceptible to cardiovascular disease, which is a serious threat to their health, even their lives.

The following factors increase the risk of cardiovascular disease:

High blood pressure

Once long-term high blood pressure develops into hypertensive nephropathy, and it will make more blood pressure more difficult to control. Long time high blood pressure will put great strain on blood vessels, and blood pressure fluctuation makes the condition worse. In this condition, patients are likely to be attacked by cardiovascular disease.


It is supposed that there are two causes contribute to hyperlipidemia: hypoproteinemia lower the colloid osmotic pressure and some regulatory factors leak in urine. The two causes make liver produces more lipoprotein. What’s more, in hypertensive nephropathy, activity of lipases declines, so they fail to clean the lipid. Patients will have hyperlipidemia.

Some tips for these patients:

1. Keep warm: For these patients, when they suddenly expose to cold, their blood vessels may contract and lead to insufficiency of blood supply, which may cause embolism.

2. Don’t do exercise in the morning: Exercises can make patients excited and nervous system keeps in inhibitory state during the night, so morning exercises can cause blood pressure fluctuation. It may induce cardiovascular disease.

3. Pay attention to their diet: Eat less fatty food; reduce salt intake; limit protein consumption; supplement some vitamins and minerals.

Treatment for these patients:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is very effective for this condition:

Firstly, our nephrologists will prescribe some medicines according to patients’ conditions to control hypertension.

Then, herbs in this therapy can help patients restore the damaged kidney tissues, so some symptoms, like hypoproteinemia, will get improved.

At last, this therapy helps to rebuild normal kidney structure, so kidney can function normally. Hyperlipidemia, which is related to kidney damage, can be relieved.

Thus, the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease can get controlled.

Cardiovascular diseases can be life-threatening, and hypertensive nephropathy patients are at high risk of this disease. Therefore, it is necessary for patients follow the above advice to improve their conditions. Any doubts, email us

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