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Symptoms of High BUN Level in Hypertensive Nephropathy

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Symptoms of High BUN Level in Hypertensive NephropathyWhat are the symptoms of high BUN level in Hypertensive Nephropathy patients? How does this level relate to this disease?

What does high BUN level mean?

BUN or blood urea nitrogen is a metabolic waste of protein. Normally, it can be filtered by our kidneys, while for hypertensive nephropathy patients, their kidneys fail to do this job well, so urea nitrogen will build up in blood. The blood urea nitrogen test is primarily used, along with the creatinine test, to evaluate kidney function in a wide range of circumstances, to help diagnose kidney disease.

What’re the symptoms of high BUN in hypertensive nephropathy?


Long-term high blood pressure can cause damage to kidney. Once the filtering system is damaged, protein will leak in the urine.


When kidneys fail to filter the excess water out of patients’ bodies or hypoproteinemia causing fluid move from blood to tissues, patients will experience swelling.


This may be a consequence of anemia. In addition to filtering function, kidney also secretes some hormone, such as EPO, which can stimulate production of red blood cells. Thus, for hypertensive nephropathy patients, they may suffer anemia due to lack of EPO.

If hypertensive nephropathy patients happen to suffer these symptoms, they can contact our Online Doctors, who can help them figure out exact causes of these symptoms and recommend suitable treatments for them. The followings are some common treatments to ease high BUN.


Dialysis may be recommended to patients to clear these metabolic wastes, and it can take a quick effect to lower this level. However, it only can ease the symptom temporally rather than treat the underlying cause with long-term effect.

Blood Pollution Therapy

It is the latest treatment for kidney disease. It firstly clears the harmful substances and toxins in blood and then restores haematogenous mechanism. Thus, kidney can get a clear environment to recover. What’s more, this therapy also can boost kidney’s self-cure ability. Once kidney can work normally, urea nitrogen can be filtered by kidney.

If hypertensive nephropathy patients can better control BUN, these symptoms will be relieved. We hope the above contents can help patients in this aspect.

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