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Healthy foods for patients with Hypertensive Kidney Disease

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Healthy foods for patients with Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseFood treatment is important for patients with hypertensive kidney disease. It can help control the illness condition and reduce the risk of further kidney damage. Then what is the healthy foods for patients with hypertensive kidney disease?

The favorable foods.

A. Foods that can help lower high blood pressure and blood fat, such as celery, cabbage, radish, carrot, onion, garlic and so on.

B. Foods with high quality protein, to reduce the burden of kidneys, such as fish, chicken, egg white and so on.

C. To maintain certain nutrition, patients can eat some shredded meat, sliced meat, beef, black crap and snakehead.

D. Patients can take some high potassium foods if they have no hyperkalemia , such as tomato, banana, soybean, celery and pumpkin.

E. Research has revealed that lack of calcium can lead to high blood pressure, so patients can properly supply some foods rich in calcium.

F. Marine fish contains rich unsaturated fatty acid, which can lower plasma and inhibit the formation of thrombosis.

The unfavorable foods.

A. The spicy foods, such as pepper.

B. Foods that are loaded with cholesterol, such as fat meat, egg yolk, pork liver and crab.

C. Dissert. Dissert are full of sugar, which can be converted fat and increase arteriosclerosis.

D. High salt foods. Salt is the rich source of sodium, of which high level will increase high blood pressure and swelling. So salted foods, processed foods, canned foods and fast foods should be avoided.

E. Patients should avoid smoking and drinking for they can damage brain, heart and kidney.

F. Strong tea, coffee, and cocoa are not suggested.

G. Animal fat contains much cholesterol, which will lead to arteriosclerosis.

Besides managing healthy foods, patients with hypertensive kidney disease should also take part in moderate exercises, such as jogging, walking, swimming. Do remember that you can not take intense activities. If you want some help, you can contact the online doctor. You can also get a detailed food lists for yourself by sending your medical report to!

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