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Healthy Diet for Hypertensive Kidney Disease

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Healthy Diet for Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseHypertensive Kidney Disease is a high incidence of disease in recent years. When receiving treatment, diet plays an important role in maintaining patients health. What we eat will directly affect the development of disease. As the saying goes, illness finds its way in by the mouth. Sufferers of Hypertensive Kidney Disease should pay special attention to the diets, any carelessness will cause serious results.

Foods that should be avoided:

Avoid eating fatty foods: animal oil, lard, bacon, sardine.

Patients should eat less or not eat spicy food, such as, pepper, pod pepper, and hot chili oil.

Avoid smoking, do not drinking wine, coffee, cocoa and other excitant foods.

Obese patients should not eat high-fat , high-cholesterol and sweety foods. Meanwhile, they should control their appetite.

Foods that can easily produce carbohydrate: sweet potato, dry legumes, delicious biscuits.

fat food(streaky pork, herring, tuna and so on), processed food( sausage, etc)

eating less salt, it is better for patients to eat no more than 5 g/d.

Patients with Hypertensive Kidney Disease should not eat rooster, dog meat and other warming and invigorating foods.


Breakfast should be excellent and light: a glass of milk or a cup of bean milk, an egg, a piece of bread.

Dinner should be less, seventy percent full is appropriate. Do not eat cooked rice, drink some soup or porridge.

At the same time, strengthen the detection of blood pressure, usually 2-3 times per day. Well-controlled blood pressure is helpful to the recovery of disease.

Healthy diet play a significant role for the recovery of Hypertensive Kidney Disease. See more at Take care!

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