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What Is the Proper Diet for Hypertensive Kidney Disease

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What Is the Proper Diet for Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseHigh blood pressure is one of the leading reasons of kidney disease. Statistics show that 10%-15% of primary high blood pressure will progress into kidney dysfunction. Long-term high blood pressure will gradually decrease kidney function. The main manifestations are high serum creatinine level, high blood urea nitrogen level, proteinuria, swelling and blood urine. At last, it will even lead to kidney failure. So the treatment for hypertensive kidney disease is of great importance. Diet is an essential part of treatment.

If you are patient with hypertensive kidney disease, you’d better go to a doctor or a dietitian to ask for a proper diet.

Low-salt diet. Too much salt will speed up blood vessel sclerosis and high blood pressure. According to the World Health Organization, the daily salt intake should be under 6g. For patients with hypertensive kidney disease, the blood pressure will turn to normal by limiting salt intake. Another advantage of low salt diet is that it can improve the therapeutic efficacy of antihypertensive drugs and decrease the dose of these drugs, thus to greatly reduce the side-effects of these drugs as well as the drugs expenses. The food that you should avoid include:

-Salted product: pickles

-Prepared food: sausage, spam, sauced beef, roast chicken

-Fast food

-Canned food

-Frozen food

Eat less desserts. Desserts is rich in sugar, which can be converted into fat in our body. This will promote arteriosclerosis and worsens the condition of high blood pressure. This demand is especially for the obese people. Cakes, cookies, candies should be avoided.

High calcium food. Patients with high blood pressure should eat food rich in calcium. It helps reduce high blood pressure. Those foods are high calcium foods: dairy product, bean product, sesame paste, black fungus, eggs and so on.

Besides the above tips, patients should also limit smoking and drinking. Keep a healthy life is good for the overall condition of our body. Except for these tips, there are till other aspect that you should pay attention to. For more information, you can send an email to!

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