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How Long Can I Live with Hypertensive Nephropathy

2014-04-06 15:37| Font Size A A A

Hypertensive Nephropathy refers to a secondary disorder caused by high blood pressure. Similar to other types of kidney disease, it can be easily ignored in the early stage. If poorly controlled, it will develop into ESRD quickly. For people with this disorder, their main concern must be how long can I live with hypertensive kidney disease.

Actually speaking, the life expectancy is determined by many factors, such as, medical history, age, treatments, lifestyle and so on. Thereby, it is really difficult for us to give an exact answer. Some people may live longer, while others may live shorter. To live a longer life, it is quite essential to bring blood pressure under control and increase kidney function. See contents below to get more information:

1. Lower high blood pressure In the medical profession, drugs like ACE Inhibitors, ARBs are commonly used to decrease blood pressure, meanwhile, they can help treat proteinuria, which can be another discomfort in people with hypertensive kidney disease; As for eating, sufferers should limit the salt intake strictly, if not, blood pressure may continue to increase ; In normal life, physical activities like walking, jogging, are also helpful to normalize blood pressure.

2. Increase kidney function Nowadays, many people have turn their eyes on traditional Chinese medicine, as some of the drugs can help restore kidney function to a large degree. Let’s take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for example, on the one hand, it can help treat hypertension, on the other hand, it can help increase kidney function radically. Additionally, Full Bath Therapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Circle Therapy, Acupuncture, etc can also be helpful. Over time, kidney function can be largely improved.

By taking the above treatments, we believe the life expectancy of hypertensive nephropathy can be prolonged largely. Consult with our Live Doctor or email to if there is anything unclear. Wish you a good day!

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