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Basics of Hypertensive Kidney Disease

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Basics of Hypertensive Kidney DiseaseHypertensive Nephropathy refers to a secondary kidney disease due to high blood pressure. While the high blood pressure and kidney damage can affect each other.


High blood pressure

High blood pressure and kidney damage can affect each other. Hypertension can lead to Hypertensive Kidney Disease. The other way around, kidney damage can cause elevated blood pressure.

Heart disease

A series of complications, such as, heart attack, heart failure and so on. In addition, patients with advanced kidney disease are more likely to die of heart problems.

Metabolic disorder

The more metabolic disorders you have, the greater your risk of developing diabetes, or stroke. For example, low-level calcium and high-level phosphorous are the main cause of bone disease.

Memory problems

If not controlled well, high blood pressure may lead to memory problems. You may have difficulty in learning and thinking.


Patients with this disorder usually have 5-10 years history of high blood pressure. In early stage, there will be excessive urination at night and then proteinuria. In addition, the progression of this disorder is slow, a small group of patients will develop into kidney failure and the majority are accompanied with mild renal kidney damage and abnormal urine.

Hypertensive Kidney Disease, like most other diseases, can be prevented as long as following a healthy diet, taking regular physical activity and monitoring blood pressure in time.

Proper use of drugs

There are many kinds of antihypertensive drugs and their functions are not exactly the same as other medications. The use of drugs should be performed with the guidance of doctors. Besides, try to avoid single drug and do not increase the doses of drugs optionally.

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