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What is the relationship between high blood pressure and kidney disease

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Patients with kidney disease are often told to carefully control the high blood pressure. So what is the relationship between high blood pressure and kidney disease?

High blood pressure

We all know that blood pressure is the force of the blood against the walls of the blood vessels. High blood pressure will occur when the force is increased due to some reasons.

High blood pressure can cause kidney disease

High blood pressure will cause damage to the blood vessel and as a result, the blood flow through the kidney will be reduced.

High blood pressure can also damage the filtration system of kidney, especially the glomerular. Thus the glomerular cannot well filtrate the waste and toxins out. At the same time, protein will leak out to the urine, causing damage to kidney.

With high blood pressure, you are more likely to develop kidney disease and the kidney disease have more chance to get worse with high blood pressure.

Kidney disease can increase high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a complication of kidney disease. One of the kidney function is to secrete hormones, like angiotensin, which helps control blood pressure. When the kidney is damaged, it will lose its ability to control blood pressure, leading to high blood pressure.

Kidney plays an important role in keeping blood pressure under control. More than half of the people with kidney disease will develop high blood pressure.

Now I believe that you have a clear mind about the relationship of high blood pressure and kidney disease. To prevent kidney disease, you are suggested to bring blood pressure under control by managing a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and prescribing some medicines. You should do regular check of your blood pressure. Talk to our online doctor your problems, they will help you solve your problem.

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