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In Addition to Dialysis, Other Ways to Lower High Creatinine Level

2013-08-28 09:05| Font Size A A A

Many kidney disease patients want to know are there any other ways to lower high creatinine levels apart from dialysis treatment. Before the answer is given , there is some related information about creatinine you should know.

Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscles in the body, every 20g muscle can produce 1mg creatinine. Under normal cases, creatinine is discharged out of body by the filtration function of glomeruli. The build up of creatinine can become the toxins which are harmful to human body. The testing standards to creatinine vary from hospitals to hospitals, but in general, it will not exceed 120umol/L.

Our kidneys have very strong compensatory ability, so the creatinine level will not increase until about 50% of renal function has been lost. Dialysis does have an obvious effect in lowering high creatinine level, but the fact is that no one kidney disease patient want to experience dialysis treatment. Moreover, dialysis has its own limitations. It can only partly replace the functions of kidneys, as to kidney damage, dialysis will not and cannot do anything. Though necessary dialysis is sometimes, long-term dialysis will delay the condition, which can be proved by the gradual loss of urine output.

As to some kidney failure patients with high creatinine level, if urine output is nearly normal and there is no obvious shrink on kidneys’ size, there may have a certain possibility to reverse the condition. Patients can take some oral detoxification drugs or take clyster to lower high creatinine levels to a certain degree.

Experts do believe that the most efficient way to lower high creatinine level is to make kidneys work normally agin by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. Nowadays, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy become the most common way to treat kidney disease from the root. Once kidney function can be recovered, not only can high creatinine level be naturally lowered, also dialysis will be effectively avoided.

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