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The Easy Way to Control Creatinine 9.3

2014-02-09 19:20| Font Size A A A

Questions: A recent blood test shows that my creatinine level is 9.3. This is the main problem. Please tell me the easy way to control creatinine 9.3 and to live a healthy life. Thanks!

Answers: Glad to receive your message. High creatinine level is the common problem of people with kidney disease. Creatinine is the metabolic product of muscle, which should be filtered out of the body by kidneys. When kidneys are damaged, the creatinine will accumulate in the blood because kidneys are not able to well filter them. So high creatinine level is also an indicator of kidney damage to some extent. The normal creatinine level is in the range of 0.5-1.2 mg/dl. Creatinine 9.3 is much higher than the normal range.

Did your doctor ask you to do dialysis? Dialysis is a common treatment to lower high creatinine level. But it is not the best treatment for it will bring patients a lot of side-effects. Besides, it often takes patients hours to do dialysis. Here I will introduce you some easy ways to control creatinine 9.3.

Hot Compress Therapy. It is a natural therapy that developed from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is used externally. An osmosis device will permeate the finely processed medicine into kidney tissues directly. These herbs cannot only draw the extra waste products out, but also repair the damaged kidney cells. This therapy is convenient and comfortable. Creatinine 9.3 can be lowered by this therapy and it is not easy to go up again.

Diet treatment. Since you are troubled by creatinine 9.3, you must pay more attention to your diet. Low-protein diet is necessary to consume to reduce the production of urea nitrogen, which should be filtered by kidneys. Low-sodium diet should be taken to prevent high blood pressure and water-sodium retention. Everyone deserves a particular diet, you can send me to if you want further information about the diet and other treatments to control creatinine 9.3.

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