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What Should I Notice for High Creatinine in Diet

2014-01-28 21:51| Font Size A A A

Maybe you are wondering eating some foods to reduce high creatinine. A well-managed diet plan does help to some extent. Compared with medicine treatment, diet treatment has no side effect and more cheap.

If your high creatinine is caused by kidney disease, there are some foods you should not eat or avoid. If you do not notice them carefully, creatinine level will be increased unluckily. Follow me to see what should you notice for high creatinine in diet.


When you experience renal dysfunction, the renal diet may ask you to limit the amount of protein. Azotemia may occurs to you when your creatinine level is high. To avoid deteriorating of the renal dysfunction, you had better limit the intake of protein. You are suggested to take high-quality protein if necessary, such as fish, eggs and lean meat.

Sodium and Water

Sodium and water do not need to be limited if you don’t have the symptoms of oliguria, high blood pressure and swelling. You can take less of them. Once these symptoms occur, you should limit the intake of sodium and water strictly in case of water-sodium retention happening. Too much sodium and water will aggravate the condition of renal dysfunction and increase creatinine level.


If you happen to have the symptom of high potassium with high creatinine level,you should avoid the foods with rich potassium, such as bananas, broccoli, potatoes and oranges. So, low-potassium foods are recommended to you: cucumber, carrot, apple, grape and so on. If you want to know more about foods with low -potassium, you can talk to online doctor freely.


Sometimes anemia will occur if the potassium level is too high. So the kidney disease will be more serious and creatinine level will be higher. Corn, chocolate and dairy products which have high potassium are forbidden to you.

In addition, you should limit the amount of alcohol, and try your best to stop smoking. Health is the most important to you.

What should I notice for high creatinine in diet has made some foods you should take less or avoid. If you wonder knowing whether a certain food is good for you or some other foods that you should not eat, you can email to We are glad to help you.

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