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What Does It Mean When My Creatinine Level Reaches 13

2014-01-07 23:56| Font Size A A A

Many patients with kidney disease will go through high creatinine level. A few days ago, a patient asked me that what does it mean when my creatinine level reaches 13?

What does high creatinine level mean?

Creatinine is the metabolic wastes of muscle. Usually, the creatinine level changes little for kidneys will discharge the extra one. When kidney is damaged, the creatinine level will accumulate in blood, causing high creatinine level. So high creatinine level is an indicator of kidney damage.

What does creatinine 13 mean?

The normal creatinine range is between 0.5-1.3 mg/dl. Creatinine 13 is far beyond the normal level. But you should make clear that not the higher of the creatinine level, the more severe of the kidney damage. Whether the kidney disease is serious or not do not only depend on the creatinine level. There are many other factors involved.

When the creatinine accumulate in blood to a certain level, you may be asked to do dialysis. But not all patients with high creatinine level need dialysis.

If your creatinine level reaches 13, but you have no obvious symptoms, like nausea, vomit, cramps, itching skin, swelling, etc, dialysis is not needed.

But if you are accompanied by severe symptoms, you need dialysis even if your creatinine level is not that high.

Moreover, when you are suffering from high potassium level, you should start dialysis immediately to prevent horrible consequence.

Creatinine 13 itself cannot prove how serious of your disease. If you want to know how serious your disease is, you should do further tests. You can send your medical report to, our kidney expert will help you choose the correct treatment.

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