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Does Kidney Infection Relate to High Creatinine Level

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High creatinine level occurs as a sign of kidney damage, while kidney damage can be caused by many reasons. Kidney infection is one of the reasons. Then does kidney infection relate to high creatinine level?

What does high creatinine level mean?

Creatinine is one of the metabolic waste of muscle. It should be filtered out by kidney. The normal level of creatinine is .05-1.3mg/dl. When the creatinine level is elevated, it means the kidney is damaged. Because of the compensatory ability of the kidney, the creatinine won’t increase unless half of the kidney function is lost. So it is necessary to pay attention to your creatinine level.

What is kidney infection?

When the inherent immune system is disturbed by some reasons, the immunity will be reduced. So some of the poisonous and harmful substances will take advantage and intrude into our body. If these substances choose kidney as their home, they will deposit in kidney and kidney infection appears. The body will generate inflammatory reaction When the kidneys try to clear these things out. The inflammatory reaction will continuously enlarge the kidney lesions and cause kidney damage. This is how kidney infection cause kidney damage.

Does kidney infection relate to high creatinine level?

Since there are kidney damages, the glomerular basement membrane will be damaged. So the creatinine cannot be discharged normally. With the accumulation of creatinine, the creatinine level in blood will be elevated. The high creatinine level will cause further kidney damage in return. So the kidney infection does relate to high creatinine level.

Other factors can also elevate creatinine level, such as over much meat intake, intense exercises, etc. But these factors cannot hurt the kidney and the creatinine level will return to normal after several days.

Does kidney infection relate to high creatinine level? I believe now you have a clear mind about the relationship. If you want more information about the high creatinine level or the kidney disease, you can contact the online doctor or send an email to, the kidney doctor will help you a lot!

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