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How to Control Serum Creatinine Level

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There are two forms of creatinine, serum creatinine and urine creatinine. Serum creatinine is an indicator of kidney function. The normal serum creatinine level is about 0.5-1.3 mg/dL. It is not good with high serum creatinine level. So how to control serum creatinine level?

Causes of high serum creatinine level.

There are many causes of high serum creatinine level. Such as dehydration, which will lead to blood concentration, causing high serum creatinine level.

High blood pressure can also conduce to high serum creatinine level.

Intense exercise and meat intake are also risk factors of high serum creatinine level.

The most dangerous cause of high creatinine level is kidney damage, which will bring persistent high serum creatinine level.

How to control serum creatinine level?

Short-term high serum creatinine level is not harmful enough to cause damage to our body. If it is caused by overmuch meat intake or intense exercise, the high serum creatinine level will return to normal after one or two days. However, if the high creatinine level lasts for a long time, then there will be kidney damage. This is because kidney is the main organ to filter the creatinine, which is the metabolic waste of muscle. How to control serum creatinine level?

Proper diet. With proper diet, the high creatinine level will bring under control. You should take care of the amount of protein,sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calorie, vitamin and so on. You can consult the online doctor for specific diet list for yourself.

Healthy lifestyle. It is important for you to develop a healthy lifestyle to control serum creatinine level. No smoking and less drinking is necessary for you to follow. Take moderate exercise to increase your immunity to fight against infections.

Immunotherapy. This therapy aims at rebuilding the immune system and repair the damage kidney cells. This is a natural therapy with no surgery and no pain. With a normal immune system, the serum creatinine level is easy to control.

To control serum creatinine level is important to the health of kidney. If you want to know more natural treatment for high creatinine level, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will give more information.

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