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Treatments for High Creatinine Level in Blood

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Creatinine includes creatinine in blood and creatinine in urine. The creatinine level in blood often is relevant to kidney function. When creatinine cannot be discharged out by kidney, the creatinine level in blood will be elevated. So it is necessary for you to reduce high creatinine level in blood. What are the treatments for high creatinine level in blood?

Natural treatments.

a. Diet. Diet is an important natural treatment. By arranging a healthy diet, your creatinine level in blood can be controlled. Firstly, you should consult your doctor or dietitian for the suitable diet. You are suggested to consume a low-protein diet to reduce the produce of waste product. High-quality protein should be ingested to ensure a good nutrition. You should also well manage the amount of sodium, phosphorus, potassium and calory in your daily meal. For the exact amount for your condition, you can contact the online doctors!

b. Chinese herbs. Chinese herbs are though to have a great effect on treating kidney disease. The high creatinine level in blood can be lowered by improving GFR and kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an advanced form of Chinese herbs. An externally used osmosis device is applied in this therapy. The herbs are super-finely shattered to ensure they will be well permeated into the body. The whole process can achieve such goals as dilating blood vessel, anti-inflammation,anti-coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. The kidney lesions can get repaired and kidney function can be improved. So the creatinine level in blood can be lowered.


Dialysis is thought to have a good effect on reducing high creatinine level in blood. It is marked as an artificial kidney. Since the kidney has less ability to filter the creatinine, dialysis is required to put into practice to discharge the creatinine out. You can see obvious effect after dialysis. However, dialysis is not the long-term plan for it is just a substitutive method and it can not improve kidney function.

The treatments for high creatinine level differ from people to people, you can consult the online doctor and ask what kidney of treatment is best for you considering your illness condition or you can send an email to for more suggestions.

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