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What are the Symptoms of High Creatinine Level

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Creatinine is the by-product of muscle metabolism. Creatinine includes serum creatinine and urine creatinine and the former is an indicator of kidney function. High creatinine level reflects kidney damage and it may cause many problems. Then what are the symptoms of high creatinine level?

Why high creatinine level indicate kidney damage?

The creatinine should be discharged by kidney and mainly the glomerular. If you are tested with high serum creatinine level, you may troubled by kidney disease. This is because when the kidney is damaged, the creatinine cannot be discharged and its accumulation will cause high creatinine level in blood.

The symptoms of high creatinine level.

Slightly elevated creatinine level causes no symptoms. High creatinine level may be caused by virous reasons, such as the intense exercise, meat intake. But high creatinine level caused by these factors cannot last for a long time. It can return to normal after one or two days. If your high creatinine level lasts for a long time, you have a great possibility of developing kidney disease. What are the symptoms of high creatinine level caused by kidney damage?

l Water metabolism disorder. It may cause increased urination and night urination, thirsty. Swelling is also a symptom of water metabolism disorder as well as high blood pressure.

l Potassium metabolism disorder. High creatinine level aways companied by hyperkalemia or hypokalemia.

l Sodium metabolism disorder. You are prone to have hypernatremia or hyponatremia with high creatinine level.

l Metabolic acidosis. This disorder may result in poor appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and even coma.

l High creatinine level can also shorten the life of cells and affect the life quality and lifespan of people.

Some of the symptoms of high creatinine level are troublesome and may cause more damage to kidney. So it is important for you to bring high creatinine level to normal. If you want to know how to treat high creatinine level, you can ask the online doctor for free charge or send an email to, the doctor will give you some suggestions!

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