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How to Treat Increased Creatinine 2.4

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Creatinine is the waste product of muscle metabolism which should be filtered by kidney and discharged through urine. So the creatinine level reflects how kidney is functioning to some extent. If the creatinine is elevated, you should take in time treatment to lower it for good of kidney protection. So how to treat increased creatinine 2.4?

What does increased creatinine 2.4 mean?

As I mentioned above, creatinine is the waste product of out body that should be filtered by kidney. Increased creatinine may indicate kidney damage. The higher of creatinine level, the severer of kidney damage. The normal creatinine level is 0.5-1.2mg/dl for female and 0.6-1.3 mg/dl for male. Creatinine 2.4 is higher than the normal level. You may now suffering moderate decline of kidney function if you have no severe complications such as high blood pressure and swelling. So it is important for you to bring increased creatinine 2.4 down to prevent further kidney damage.

How to treat increased creatinine 2.4?

  • Diet treatment.

Diet is a natural treatment to control the creatinine level. Though it can not cure the disease, it helps delay the progression of the disease and alleviate the symptoms. Low-protein diet is suggested to reduce proteinuria and reduce kidney damage. Low-salt diet is necessary to lower the risk of swelling and high blood pressure, which will worsen the condition of kidney damage. High-phosphorus and high-potassium diet is not recommended it you are tested with high level of phosphorus and potassium. You can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will manage you a proper diet.

Normally, if you have no severe complications like nausea, vomiting, edema, etc along with creatinine 2.4, there is no need to do dialysis. However, if you are troubled by these complications or high level of potassium in blood, which is above 6.5 mmol/L, you are suggested to do dialysis. Dialysis can help remove extra potassium and creatinine, thus the symptoms will be remitted.

This therapy can help repair the damaged glomerular membrane basement. The creatinine will be discharged with normal kidney function. Once the increased creatinine 2.4 is reduced, it is not easy to go up again with this therapy. For more information about how this therapy functions, you can contact the online doctors.

The increased creatinine 2.4 can be lowered with proper treatment. You can try the above treatments. Hope you get better soon!

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