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Creatinine 4.2 with Chronic Kidney Failure: Should I Choose Dialysis

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Creatinine is an indicator of kidney function. High creatinine level means kidney damage. When to start dialysis is the common topic of patient with kidney disease. Here is the questions that a patients asked.

Q: I am diagnosed with creatinine 4.2. My doctor has told me that I am in the stage of chronic kidney failure. He suggested me to start dialysis. Should I choose dialysis with creatinine 4.2 with chronic kidney failure?

A: Firstly, I can tell you that your creatinine level is higher than the normal level of 0.5-1.3 mg/dl. In terms of dialysis, it depends on your own illness condition. At normal circumstance, creatinine 4.2 do not need dialysis if you have no severe complications, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, nausea, vomiting, anemia and so on. If you are experiencing severe complications, you are suggested to start dialysis.

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscle, which should be filtrated by kidney. Due to the compensatory ability of kidney, the creatinine level will not raise until half of the kidney function loses. If the creatinine buildup in the blood to a certain level, kidney function will be severely affected. So you should remove kidney the extra creatinine away.

Dialysis functions as an artificial kidney which can help kidney filtrate the waste product and toxins so as to purify the blood. If the extra creatinine is removed, the high creatinine level can be lowered. With lowered creatinine level, the kidney will feel free and the complications will be alleviated.

If you do not want to do dialysis, there is an alternative for you. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the best choice for creatinine 4.2. It can not only lower high creatinine level, but also improve kidney function. You can consult the online doctor for more detailed information.

If you are attacked by creatinine 4.2 with chronic kidney failure, you should communicate with your doctor in detail about whether you should choose dialysis or you can email to, and you’d better attach your test report in order to get a clear information.

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