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Creatinine 3.1: How to Lower it by Foods

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Creatinine is one of the indicator of kidney function. Our kidney filters the waste product in the blood and most creatinine in blood will be filtered out by kidney. So high creatinine level in blood indicate kidney damage. Creatinine 3.1 one signal of kidney damage. Foods are always the important part that the doctors care. So how to lower creatinine 3.1 by foods?

Creatinine 3.1: how to lower it by foodsFor patients with kidney disease and high creatinine level, the doctor and dietitian always focus on the following aspects in foods. By controlling the amount of protein, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, fluid and nutrition, you can lower the creatinine 3.1.

Controlling protein intake.

High-protein food is not advised for protein will breakdown to wast product and the waste product should be filtered by kidney. In order to reduce the load of kidney, you are suggested to take high-quality protein, like lean meat, eggs and dairy product. In addition, you should take less vegetable protein because it will produce more waste product.

Controlling potassium intake.

Fruits that are high in potassium: banana, apple, grape, watermelon, orange.

Vegetables that are high in potassium: potato, spinach, cucumber, tomato, oilseed rape, eggplant.

Other foods that are rich in potassium: corn, bean, sweet potato, kelp, and tea.

These foods should be avoided to lower the burden of kidney if the potassium level is high in the blood test.

Controlling sodium intake.

You are suggested to cook by yourself and avoid high salt because the restaurant food are often rich in sodium. Processed food and fast food should also be avoided.

High sodium can aggravate high blood pressure and swelling, which will further damage kidney function.

Controlling fluid intake.

One of the kidney functions is to remove the extra fluid in the blood. When kidney is damaged, the excessive fluid will be retained in the blood, which will increase the risk of swelling. So you should mind the fluid intake in your daily life.

Besides the above lists, you should also supply enough nutritions to strengthen the immunity of your body. Creatinine 3.1 is not tough to lower if you manage a proper diet and do immediate treatment. For more information for how to lower creatinine 3.1, you can leave a message below or ask the online doctor for free!

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