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Does High Creatinine Decreases Itself Possible

2013-10-15 15:47| Font Size A A A

Many kidney disease patients with high creatinine level are suffering from dialysis. They would be appreciate very much “Does high creatinine decreases itself possible”. In fact, no matter higher or lower creatinine values, they are all abnormal phenomenon. In the case of pathological changes of one index, it is difficult to recover to normal levels.

A lot of people treat this phenomenon by dialysis before. However, hemodialysis is only a kind of alternative therapy which can only temporarily relieve symptoms and with a lot of complications. It cannot cure kidney disease fundamentally.

Nowadays, we can use TCM to lower creatinine values instead of dialysis. Traditional Chinese medicine is aim to treat the pathological damage of kidney, restore renal function, and slow down disease progression.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended by many experts. This therapy uses specific herbs to improve the self-cure of damaged cells and the filtering ability of glomeruli. According to patient’s own condition, experts will find the right herbal formula of this therapy.

It has been proven an effective way to decrease creatinine values with numerous cases.

The creatinine values of a patient from Trinidad and Tobago down to 204umol/L from 497umol/L after treatment.

If you are interested in this therapy, you can email to to get a reply or the herbal formula based on your condition.

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