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Three Factors Can Make Your Creatinine Level Increase Suddenly

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Three Factors Can Make Your Creatinine Level Increase SuddenlySerum creatinine level is an important indicator to measure kidney function. When it increases suddenly, you should pay attention to the following three factors. Timely treatment can help you bring the level down and restore renal function.

1. Infections

Infection occurs frequently in the treatment of kidney disease. Frequent infection can reduce the immunity of patients, aggravate inflammation, accelerate the process of renal cell fibrosis, and lead to the accumulation of creatinine and other toxins.

Every patient in different stages should pay attention to the prevention of infection. On the one hand, attention should be paid to the intake of nutrition in life, so as to avoid the low immunity caused by malnutrition and increase the risk of infection. On the other hand, attention should be paid to the application of drugs when necessary, such as the injection of immunoglobulin, and patients with poor resistance should inject influenza vaccine in advance.

2. Drugs

Drug damage to the kidney is mainly divided into two categories. One is the abuse of drugs with clear nephrotoxicity, which accelerates the damage of renal function, and then leads to the accumulation of toxins and the elevation of creatinine. The second is that drugs have no nephrotoxicity, but they have side effects of increasing creatinine. The large dosage of drugs causes a sudden increase in creatinine and threatens the kidney.

During the treatment of nephropathy, some nephrotoxic drugs such as antibiotics, antipyretic and analgesic cold drugs, some Chinese herbal medicines containing aristolochic acid, and immunosuppressive agents such as tacrolimus and cyclosporine are often used. In the course of using these drugs, we must strictly abide by the doctor's orders and must not abuse them in large quantities.

Some drugs that increase serum creatinine, such as omeprazole and rabeprazole, and other proton pump inhibitors, captopril and enalapril, and other ACEI, losartan and valsartan, and other ARBs also have the functions of reducing proteinuria and protecting renal function. In general, when taking these drugs, creatinine elevation should not be more than 20%. Once it exceeds, dosage issues should be paid attention.

3. Complications

At different stages of nephropathy, different symptoms or serious complications may occur, and the degree of impact on the progress of renal function varies. Hypertension, for example, usually begins at the stage of renal insufficiency and becomes one of the symptoms of accelerated renal failure. In addition, severe anemia, hyperkalemia and other factors will accelerate the destruction of the kidney.

To prevent and treat these complications, on the one hand, we should pay attention to taking medicine timely. For example, hypertension should be treated with antihypertensive drugs, and other antihypertensive and anti-inflammatory drugs should be rationally matched to reduce the risk of renal failure. On the other hand, we should pay attention to monitoring hypertension, blood potassium, blood phosphorus, hemoglobin and other indicators to timely understand the blood flow and electrolytes in the kidney in order to prevent the disease. This also helps to stabilize creatinine.

Now you know the three factors that can make your creatinine level increase suddenly. In our hospital, after about half month’s treatment, creatinine can be reduced by at least 10%. For more information on its treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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