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5 Incorrect Ways to Lower Creatinine Levels

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5 Incorrect Ways to Lower Creatinine Levels

Creatinine level reduction is the topic that kidney patients pay close attention to, and they are willing to try various ways to lower the level. Here are 5 incorrect ways to lower creatinine level. You can check whether you have tried them or not.

1. Be vegetarian or inactive.

Creatinine has exogenous source and endogenous sources. Endogenous source refers t muscle contraction, while exogenous source mainly refers to meat we consume. Therefore, if you are vegetarian for a long time and do not eat meat, serum creatinine level will drop; If you do not move at all, systemic muscle can be atrophic and weak so that muscle content is reduced, and then serum creatinine level can reduce.

2. Fluid injection

When large amounts of fluids are ingested or injected intravenously in a short period of time, the blood is diluted and creatinine levels drop.

3. To increase creatinine secretion

Taking certain medicine such as propranolol, can increase renal tubule to secrete creatinine. When the excretion of creatinine is increased, serum creatinine drops.

4. To increase intestinal excretion

For example, Chinese patent medicine containing rhubarb, Chinese medicine enema therapy. They are to increase the intestinal excretion of creatinine so as to reduce the level.

5. Drug interference

If creatine oxidase assay is used, calcium hydroxybenzene sulfonate can mask the normal value, and the examination results show a relative lower blood creatinine.

Anyhow, remember: If the treatment can not restore renal function, creatinine level is not reduced really, because it will accumulate in the body again. Then how to restore renal function and lower creatinine level?

For example, more than a month ago, Mr.Wang’s creatinine level rose from 80 umol/l to 10 umol/l suddenly. It was kidney stone that caused urinary tract obstruction and then cause the acute kidney injury. With timely treatment, the obstruction was removed, so creatinine level returned to normal life. His reduced creatinine level meant restoration of kidney function.

For increased creatinine level caused by acute kidney injury due to kidney acute pathological change, proper treatment can bring creatinine level down, and kidney function can be restored.

If creatinine stays at a certain level for a long time, that means kidney function is at that level, and our main goal is to slow and stabilize the decline in kidney function. This, too, is the best treatment. Do not try various therapies to lower it, which may make kidney function worse.

Now you know the 5 incorrect ways to lower creatinine level. If you still have any questions on creatinine level, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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