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Three Methods to Lower Creatinine Level and Save Kidney Function

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Three Methods to Lower Creatinine Level and Save Kidney Function
High creatinine level usually predicts the onset of renal failure. That is why many renal patients concern their creatinine level too much. In this article, we will introduce three methods to help you lower creatinine level and save kidney function.

1. Medication

The drugs mentioned here mainly focus on the western medicine, such as niaoduqing, aixite, Coated Aldehyde Oxystarch, Ketosteril, etc. They can lower your creatinine level quickly.

However, these drugs do not improve the plasma ALB level of patients, and do not do much to delay glomerular sclerosis. This is only temporary medical relief.

2. Dialysis

Dialysis is a commonly used treatment for kidney failure patients to eliminate creatinine and other wastes from body. Clinically, there are few patients with primary creatinine above 707 umoI/L, most of whom find that creatinine is out of standard, and between 200-500 umol/L. If your creatinine is not high enough, it is unnecessary for you to start dialysis, because starting dialysis too early is not conductive to protecting residual renal function.

Then can we only wait and do nothing for the high creatinine level?

Of course not.

The essential cause of the rise of creatinine is the massive necrosis or dormancy of renal cells, which is mainly caused by the hyperimmune inflammatory response of the body and cell ischemia and hypoxia.

Studies have found that the dysfunctional metabolic system of renal disease patients will cause a large number of immune complexes deposition in the kidney, at which time the complement system will automatically attack the immune complex and renal cells, triggering the inflammatory response. Moreover, as long as there are immune complexes in the kidney, renal damage will also persist. Cell ischemia is mostly caused by hypertension, and hypoxia is closely related to hyperlipidemia. As a result, blood vessels are oppressed or blocked, which aggravates the damage of renal function.

Therefore, the most important thing to restore renal function is to try to improve the blood microcirculation of the kidney and create a good internal environment for the use of various drugs. In order to achieve this therapeutic purpose, Chinese medicine has obvious advantages over western medicine.

Patients with creatinine between 200 and 500 umol/L can use Chinese medicine to restore partial renal function and achieve the purpose of reducing creatinine. Meanwhile, the process of renal fibrosis will be slowed down, and dialysis and uremia will be kept away from you!

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