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To Know More Information on High Creatinine

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To Know More Information on High Creatinine
Serum creatinine is an important indicator of renal function. Doctors and patients often talk about it, but few patients know it clearly. They either attach more importance to the creatinine level, or less importance. Hope the following points can help you learn more about information about high creatinine.

1. Serum creatinine elevation is not synchronous with renal damage.

We all know that kidneys have immense compensatory ability. Only when most kidney tissues are damaged and the glomerular filtration reduces greatly does creatinine level increase.

2. Stable serum creatinine level does not mean the treatment is finished.

The serum creatinine value is helpful for doctors to assess the patient's condition.

By means of drug intervention and dietary assistance, renal patients can have a stable serum creatinine. But it does not mean the treatment is finished. You need to protect renal function, treat the primary disease, and prevent complications.

3. Not all cases of high creatinine are problematic.

Normal levels of normal creatinine in men ranged from 53 to 106 umol/L, and 44 ~ 97 umol/L in women. However, there are obvious individual differences in serum creatinine, which is greatly influenced by muscle content and diet. For example, athletes usually have higher creatinine than common people.

4. Kidney disease treatment should not only focus on the indicators.

There are two causes of kidney disease: one is congenital renal organ defects, the other one is poor living habits and environmental pollution. Simply speaking, poor living habits and environmental pollution can lead to decreased antioxidant capacity and immune balance so as to cause kidney damage.

High creatinine, proteinuria, occult blood and so on are all symptoms of kidney disease. We can not only focus on the symptoms, but to find out the root cause, improve antioxidant capacity and immune balance so as to prevent the disease from getting worse.

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