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If You Have 4 Changes in Urine and 2 Pains, Your Creatinine May Increase

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If You Have 4 Changes in Urine and 2 Pains, Your Creatinine May Increase
The appearance of creatinine is often a sign of renal failure, and the glomeruli have been unable to eliminate creatinine from the blood. The higher the creatinine level, the worse the kidney disease.

When creatinine level increases, there will be 4 changes in urine, and 2 pains.

(1) Oliguria

When you have less than 400ml of urine a day, it is oliguria. The patient's creatinine will be significantly elevated and the likelihood of kidney disease is high.

(2) Diuresis

In general, an adult's urine volume is around 1500ml per day. If someone's urine volume exceeds 2500ml within 24 hours, the risk of kidney disease will increase and creatinine will also increase.

(3) Hematuria

The presence of occult blood in urine or gross hematuria indicates a possibility of renal problem and lab report will show that you have blood urine or not.

(4) Foamy urine

When creatinine is elevated, kidney problems and proteinuria can occur. And urine will show more foam, and the foam is difficult to dissipate.

(5) Back pain

When creatinine increases, kidney function decreases, resulting in hydronephrosis and bilateral or unilateral back pain.

(6) Dysuria

If you have abdominal pain, frequent urination or urgent urination and some other symptoms when you produce urine, you should go for checkups for kidney disease to see whether creatinine increases or not.

In addition, if you have hypertension and oedema, you should make sure whether your creatinine increases or not.

How to deal with elevated creatinine level?

1. Medicine to lower creatinine

Elevated creatinine indicates that kidney function is declining, and it is urgent to lower it.

In western medicine, there is aixite and niaoduqing to lower creatinine, and in Chinese medicine, there is enema therapy, steam therapy, etc. When creatinine is very high, dialysis may have to be used.

2. Diet to lower creatinine

Patients should avoid “5 high diet”, namely high salt, high potassium, high phosphorus, high protein, and high fat. For example, Chinese yam, seaweed, banana, spinach and other high potassium food, viscera, walnuts, peanuts and other high phosphorus food.

Food that is diuretic, detoxification and promoting blood circulation to remove stasis is recommended, such as rhizoma imperatae, cordate houttuynia, lophatherum gracile, etc.

In the daily, hope you pay attention to the 4 changes in urine and 2 pains, in case that your creatinine level increases. For more information on high creatinine treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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