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After Creatinine Level Rises, These 4 Bad Habits Can Speed up Uremia

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After Creatinine Level Rises, These 4 Bad Habits Can Speed up Uremia
Serum creatinine level is known as an indicator light for uremia, and the higher the creatinine level, the closer they are to uremia. Therefore, many patients have been treating creatinine level as the core of treatment, and have even looked for a variety of methods for reducing creatinine. Some methods may temporarily bring down creatinine, but over time it will go up again, which troubles a lot of renal patients.

Why is creatinine level so difficult to reduce? What on earth goes wrong? Some patients may feel puzzled. In fact, creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in the body. When the kidney is normal, it can be discharged from the body smoothly every day. When the renal function declines, the muscle still products the same amount of creatinine, but the kidney can not eliminate creatinine out, leading to the elevation of creatinine. Therefore, it is the renal function that causes the elevation of creatinine, and the treatment should pay attention to the protection of renal function. Only in this way can the effect of lowering creatinine be more obvious.

Although some patients attach great importance to the protection of renal function, they do not pay attention to their bad habits, which do not only damage kidneys, but also accelerate the arrival of renal failure.

Bad habit 1: Continue to eat a lot and drink a lot, especially the meat.

Increased creatinine is associated with eating too much meat. In order to reduce the burden of kidney metabolism after renal function damage, the principles of kidney diet should be strictly followed. However, some patients do not pay attention and still eat and drink a lot. They prefer to eat meat, especially red meat, like pork, mutton and beef, which can lead to the continuous rise of creatinine.

Bad habit 2: Repeated infections, and no attention to prevention and treatment

The occurrence of infectious diseases can also lead to increased creatinine. Common infections, such as respiratory tract infection, urinary system infection and oral infection, can lead to bacteria entering the blood and invading the kidney, aggravating the immune inflammatory response of the kidney, thereby aggravating the renal function damage and inducing the rise of creatinine. Some people neglect the prevention and treatment of infection, such as cold, periodontitis and kidney stones, which are common factors that aggravate the disease.

Bad habit 3: Drug abuse causes drug-induced kidney damage.

Kidney patients will be exposed to a large number of therapeutic drugs, some of which has nephrotoxicity such as antibiotics, antipyretic analgesics, a few Chinese herbal medicine, so when you use these medicines, you had better follow the instructions of doctors strictly. If you take them in large quantity, they can increase blood toxins and speed up kidney failure, leading to a surge in creatinine.

Bad habit 4: Excessive fatigue increases physical exhaustion.

The occurrence of kidney disease will lead to fatigue. Although rest can not help you get complete relief from fatigue, you should pay attention to rest. But some patients still maintain their previous bad habits after getting sick. They stay up late for a long time and are overworked, resulting in physical and mental fatigue, and their condition is getting worse and worse. Staying up is also not conductive to the metabolism of toxins, resulting in the accumulation of creatinine.

Now you know the 4 bad habits that can speed up uremia after creatinine level increases. Hope you change them and slow down the progression. For more information on high creatinine treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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