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Can You Only Wait for Uremia with High Creatinine Level

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Can You Only Wait for Uremia with High Creatinine Level
When seeing blood creatinine rise higher and higher, a lot of kidney patients begin to panic, can you really just wait for uremia? Blood creatinine is an indicator of renal function, but it is not worthy of trust. It is very unscientific to determine the severity of the disease and decide whether to treat it just based on the changes of creatinine.

Do not just wait for uremia with high creatinine level.

When creatinine is elevated, it means obvious damage to renal function. The most urgent task is to reduce creatinine and repair renal function. Don't just wait for dialysis. It only takes away your last kidney function. How to repair kidney function and lower creatinine? These methods can be:

1. To take creatinine-lowering drugs

For example, aisiter, niaoduqing, shenshuaining, haikunshenxi and ketosteril have a certain effect of reducing creatinine, but if long-term renal function is poor, the effect is relatively mild and often unsatisfactory.

2. Chinese medicine can repair renal function and reduce creatinine

It seems that creatinine is just a kind of waste products in the blood. When it is cleared, its level will reduce, but in fact, if kidney function does not get restored, creatinine will come back, and your creatinine level will increase again.

Comparatively, western medicine can only treat symptoms, while Chinese medicine can reach the nidus more quickly to help you restore a portion of renal function and achieve the purpose of lowering creatinine. Besides, Chinese medicine has fewer side effects and will not cause secondary damage to the kidneys. Therefore, Chinese medicine has better therapeutic effect.

Apart from repairing renal function and lowering creatinine, to avoid uremia, you should do another thing.

3. To prevent complications so as to avoid speeding up kidney failure

Elevated serum creatinine usually means that kidney function has been lost in half, and has developed into renal insufficiency. At this time, it is extremely easy to cause the occurrence of other serious complications, with hypertension and infection occurring more frequently, and anemia, hyperkalemia, hyperphosphatemia and so on in the later stage. The occurrence of these complications is no different from adding insult to injury.

To prevent these complications, you should do 3 things. Relevant indicators must be tested regularly, including blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar, and blood potassium, phosphorus and hemoglobin. Pay attention to the prevention of infection and other possible causes of complications. Attention should be paid to improving the diet and strictly follow the principle of low salt, low fat and low sugar. If there are complications such as high blood potassium and high blood phosphorus, the intake of food with high potassium and phosphorus should be restricted. Food with high potassium content include fresh jujube, banana, kiwi, mushroom, agaric, kelp, laver, etc., and food with high phosphorus content include seed of watermelon, pumpkin, cheese, etc.

Serum creatinine level is not that terrible. Once you take treatment timely and protect renal function, it is unnecessary for you to worry about uremia.

Can you only wait for uremia with high creatinine level? No, as long as you do the above 3 things well, your kidney function will become more and more stable. For more information on high creatinine treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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