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Creatinine Level Keeps on Increasing? You Can Use These Medications

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Creatinine Level Keeps on Increasing? You Can Use These Medications
For most kidney patients, the biggest worry is elevated creatinine. The rise in creatinine values means that some kidney functions have been impaired, and if left untreated, they are likely to develop kidney failure and uremia.

We all want to protect the remaining kidney function while reducing creatinine, then how to use medication correctly after kidney damage? Let’s talk about it in this article.

The extent of renal injury in clinical practice is determined by endogenous creatinine clearance rate (CCr), as shown in the following figure:

Fibrosis stages CKD stages  Chronic kidney failure stages Chronic kidney failure stages 2
1.Inflammatory reaction stage  CKD stage 1
GFR>=90 ml/min
1.Inflammatory reaction stage CKD stage 2
89 ml/min>=GFR>=60 ml/min
Renal function compensatory stage
80 ml/min>=Ccr>=50 ml/min
177 umol/L>=SCr>=133 umol/L
2.Fibrosis formation stage CKD stage 3
59 ml/min>= GFR>=30 ml/min
Renal function decompensated stage
49 ml/min>= Ccr>=20 ml/min
442 umol/L >=SCr>=186 umol/L
2.Fibrosis formation stage CKD stage 4
29 ml/min>= GFR>=15 ml/min
Kidney Failure stage
19 ml/min>= Ccr>=10 ml/min
707 umol/L >=SCr>=443 umol/L
3.Scarring stage CKD stage 5
GFR<= 14 ml/min 
Uremia stage 
Ccr <=9
SCr>=708 umol/L

Once kidney function is damaged, how to use medicine? The standards are as follows:

First of all, it is better to choose drugs that are not primarily excreted by kidneys and have a long half-life. For example, if you are injured and keep on working, your illness condition will get worse, and your work can not be fulfilled as well as better. The same is with kidney. When it is damaged, it can not work well as before.

In addition, you should avoid drugs with renal toxicity, such as Cyclosporin and contrast agent. The can cause further kidney damage.

Finally, the type of drugs should be as simple as possible and the concentration of drugs should be as low as possible. We should have a good talk with doctors about how to treat this disease. The primary goal is to eliminate drugs that are temporarily unnecessary. On one hand, it is to reduce the burden on the kidneys. On the other hand, it can avoid the interaction of medications.

There are three commonly used drugs for high creatinine level:

-Niaoduqing granules. It can be used in the early stage of uremia and chronic renal failure. It can help you stabilize kidney function by lowering creatinine and urea nitrogen. Besides, it can help improve renal anemia and alleviate renal failure.

-Medical charcoal. It can effectively adsorb creatinine, uric acid and other toxic substances from the gastrointestinal tract, and expel them from the intestinal tract, reducing the amount of creatinine and uric acid in the body.

-Shenshuaining capsules. It has good therapeutic effect on chronic renal failure in early and middle stage.

During renal insufficiency, your medication involves many aspects, so you had better talk with your doctors. If you need our help, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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