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The Lower Creatinine Level Is, The Better You Are? No

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We know that kidney disease can be judged by serum creatinine level. Creatinine is a kind of metabolic waste of body. Under normal circumstance, it is kept stable. But if kidney, the sieve, goes wrong, creatinine can be accumulated in body. With blood test, you can detect it. Why is it used to judge kidney function?
The Lower Creatinine Level Is, The Better You Are? No

Creatinine is a muscle metabolite that can only be excreted by the kidneys. If your creatinine level increases and other factors are ruled out, it only suggests that kidneys are damaged. You might say that creatinine levels are also affected by muscle mass, diet and exercises. But creatinine level can reflect kidney problems sensitively.

In general, the normal value of serum creatinine in adult male is around 80 umol/L, and that of adult female is usually around 60 umol/L.

Is creatinine level the lower, the better?

For some people, once they find that their creatinine level increases, for example, 120 umol/L, they do everything possible to reduce creatinine as much as possible, because they think that the lower the creatinine, the better. But is it true?

In fact, creatinine level is not the lower, the better. For some kidney patients, who are very slim and eat only vegetarian food and not meat for long term, their creatinine level may be very low, but it does not mean that their kidney function is good.

Take a strong sportsman and a slim man for an example, because of strong muscles, the sportsman may have a higher creatinine level than the slim man, but it does not mean their kidney function is bad.

Then how to lower creatinine level?

1. If your creatinine level keeps stable for long term, it is unnecessary to lower it.

If serum creatinine stays at a level for a long time, it means that kidney function is at that level, and it is irreversible. And what is most important now is to maintain the current level. In this case, what needs to be done is to maintain the stability of kidney function and control the rate of its decline rather than blindly lowering creatinine.
The Lower Creatinine Level Is, The Better You Are? No

2. If creatinine level increases high in a short time, you should lower it.

Now many people's creatinine rise is due to the misuse of drugs, for example, many people take medicine without the instruction of doctor after catching a cold. It is a major reason for the rapid rise of creatinine. As long as finding the cause of the disease, you can stop medicine in time and reduce creatinine.

You can also use Chinese medicine enema therapy to lower creatinine level, which is to make use of colon to reach the purpose of discharging toxins.

Of course, there are some creatinine elevations that require TCM syndrome differentiation. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), kidney disease is rooted in the lungs and spleen. Western medicine also believe that the root of kidney disease is in immune, tumor or other factors. The two viewpoints come to the same conclusion. Both of them believe that the root of kidney disease is not in the kidney itself.

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