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The Lower Creatinine Level, the Better Renal Function?

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The lower creatinine level, the better renal function? If you have such a thought, you are easy to be fooled.

Proteinuria and creatinine level are the most concerned indexes for renal patients, and serum creatinine level is a common index for evaluating renal function. The higher creatinine level, the worse the kidneys are damaged. That is why a lot of renal patients pay more attention to creatinine level.
The Lower Creatinine Level, the Better Renal Function?

Will creatinine level go down after it rises?

Many patients ask: how to reduce creatinine level?

Creatinine level can go down after it raises, but it is for those patients with acute kidney injury who receive treatment aggressively. Their creatinine level can be normalized and renal function can be restore. But there is also exception. Some renal patients may progress into chronic kidney disease.

For CKD patients, kidney function has been impaired, and their excretory function becomes weakened, so creatinine level is usually maintained in a stable range. There won’t be large variation. If someone tells you that your creatinine level can be normalized, please be alert. You may fall into a scam.

However, in order to alleviate the discomfort caused by excessive toxin in the body, some renal patients use Enema Therapy to increase intestinal excretion so as to lower creatinine level. This is not a scam.
The Lower Creatinine Level, the Better Renal Function?

Kidney patients are always afraid that their creatinine level increases. Then the lower creatinine level, the better your condition?

In many kidney patients’ opinion, elevated creatinine reflects that kidney function is worsening. Therefore, they hope their creatinine levels become lower. For patients with long-term vegetarianism, malnutrition or muscle atrophy, their creatinine level is usually low, but it does not mean their renal function is good. Those factors may aggravate anemia, infection, cardiovascular disease and gastrointestinal diseases, etc.
The Lower Creatinine Level, the Better Renal Function?

If creatinine level increases when taking ACEI or ARBs, what to do?

These two kinds of antihypertensives are commonly used medicine in Nephrology department. They can decrease blood pressure and reduce proteinuria so as to protect renal function. But they can elevate creatinine slightly.

For this kind of phenomenon, do not be anxious. This is the normal reaction when they take effect. As long as the increase is no more than 30%, please ignore it.

The Lower Creatinine Level, the Better Renal Function?
All in all, as to the creatinine level, it is not “the lower, the better”. You should have a clear mind of your medical condition, in case that some people make use of your psychology to deceive you. It is normal for creatinine to fluctuate between10-20. Do not be worried. But if your creatinine level keeps increasing, you should be alert. For more information on kidney disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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