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High Blood Creatinine Level May Be Not A Bad Thing

2018-04-18 15:50| Font Size A A A

Some days ago, a uremic patient on peritoneal dialysis called me. He said his hemodialysis flow control was not controlled very. The local dialysis center had just been established. The doctor has little experience. Thereby he asked me for advice.

I felt very strange:

“Haven’t you done peritoneal dialysis? Why you change into hemodialysis?”

He said:

“After peritoneal dialysis, my serum creatinine level is still over 1000. Doctor thought the effect was not good, so hemodialysis was suggested.”

After hearing that, I became eager and tried to explain to him that serum creatinine level is only to reflect renal function. But itself is not a bad thing. Serum creatinine itself is almost nontoxic. It is those urine toxins that have toxicity, such as phenolic, guanidine, indoles, and so on. Creatinine is a represent of small molecule toxin. Because it is stable and detected easily, it is used as an index of renal function.
High Blood Creatinine Level May Be Not A Bad Thing

In addition, for renal patients with long-term dialysis, serum creatinine level can reflect their nutrient problems. If nutrition is good and muscles get restored, creatinine level is of course high. From this point of view, high serum creatinine level is not a bad thing.

It is not creatinine that causes the symptoms of uremia and threaten the life quality and survival of renal patients, but those middle and large molecule toxins that hide behind creatinine.

When seeing a uremic patient with peritoneal dialysis have serum creatinine over 1000, but both his physical and psychological are health, we can not say that his current dialysis is not good and advice him to do hemodialysis.

Maybe kidney patients attach too much importance to creatinine level, so they use some medicines to lower creatinine level. In such a case, even if your creatinine level goes down, it is temporary. Because your renal function does not get improved. Focus on the following actions:

1. To use medicine to increase the secretion of renal tubule to creatinine. When a lot of creatinine is passed out, serum creatinine level will decrease. For example, take propranolol.

2. To use medicine to increase intestinal excretion to creatinine. That is why some Chinese patent medicine can help reduce creatinine level. For example, medicine with the component of rheum officinale. And Chinese medicine enema therapy can also help discharge creatinine via intestinal tract so as to lower creatinine level.

3. To use medicine to interfere with the testing of creatinine. Calcium hydroxybenzene sulfonate can interfere with the main methods of detecting blood creatinine, leading to the incorrect serum creatinine testing.
High Blood Creatinine Level May Be Not A Bad Thing
The above medicines or treatment methods can help reduce creatinine level and do some good for kidneys, but they can not help restore renal function. If decreased creatinine level means renal function gets restored, it over states the fact. For more information on high creatinine treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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