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Should I be Worried with Creatinine 2.2

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Questions: Recently, I took a blood test in hospital. The test report shows that the creatinine level is 2.2. What does it mean? Should I be worried with creatinine 2.2?

Answers: I am glad to receive your email. Now, I have a general understanding to your health condition. Firstly, I think that you should make clear what does it mean with creatinine 2.2.

Creatinine 2.2

Creatinine is the metabolism of muscle. You mentioned that you have taken a blood test. So the creatinine level mainly refers to the serum creatinine level. There are two sources of serum creatinine. One is the metabolic product of meat and the other is the muscle metabolism. There are many causes of elevated creatinine level.

Your serum creatinine will be elevated if you take overmuch meat. By limiting meat intake, the serum creatinine level will be decreased.

It can also be elevated after exercise. But it will drop by taking a rest. You should take a blood test several days later to check whether the serum creatinine level is still high. If it return to normal, it may caused by meat intake and exercise. If it is still in a high level, it may indicates kidney damage.

How to do with sustained creatinine 2.2 ?

Sustained high creatinine level may indicate kidney damage because the normal kidney will filter creatinine out of the blood and keep it in the normal range of 0.5-1.3mg/dl. If your are still with serum creatinine 2.2, you should take a treatment immediately. With creatinine 2.2, your kidney function has already been moderately damaged. You should take care of this condition.

In daily life, you should eat a healthy diet to lower the burden of kidney. For instance, low-protein and low-sodium food is recommended.

In clinic, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmothreapy is applied to lower high creatinine level and repair kidney lesions.

Creatinine 2.2 should cause the enough attention, if you don’t control it well, it will further damage kidney cells and cause kidney failure. If you still have problems, you can email me to, I will reply as soon as possible.

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